Update: Clark 2019-02-01

1. Updates Summary

This week I mainly worked on two aspects of the project.

First, I 3D printed the shell with membrane design, posted processed and tested it.

Second, I started writing the ICUAS paper via compiling references and drafting an outline.

2. Detail Updates

I got the 3D printed shell back from Jacob, sealed it up and created a membrane canopy for it out of ballon.

Figure 1. Shell with Membrane

Then, I tested its performance by putting it on the mechanical stage in FLOW lab. The mechanical stage plunges 3 times from water surface, each time it plunges for 4cm. Then, it reverses the process and raise its platform for 3 times, taking it out of water.

Following graph shows the barometer reading and estimator output. I am thrilled to see that the position estimator almostly perfectly captured the motion of the mechanical stage. However, there is a -0.3m/s bias in the velocity estimator. It might be caused by the vibration of the mechanical stage or the bias in accelerometer itself. Further experiment is required to figure it out.


Figure 2. Barometer Reading and Estimator Output of Mechanical Stage Experiment

Meanwhile, please check the following link for the outline of the paper:


3. Planned work for near future

Finish the experiments mentioned in the paper outline and finish writing the paper.