Update: Ean 2018-11-16

Infrastructure is the building block to a functioning society and one of the main forms of transportation is the railroad system. Like all structures, the railways, and structures that support them, need to be regularly inspected and maintained to keep their integrity. Currently, railway inspection is a costly process in terms of both time and money. The overall goal of the project is to provide an image detection platform that can alert engineers to possible cracks/propagations in the structures.

My current objective is to find that best avenue to simulate a quadcopter with visual hardware. This simulation should be able to use our lab’s logic controller for quadcopters as well as produce a robust physics environment. I am looking at using a gazebo-based package called RotorS to accomplish this. Since the goal is to keep our logic controller as is, I tried to identify where the RotorS logic controller would be in their file system. When looking at our main.cpp file for our simulator, I can trace back to our quadcopter logic file, so I thought I could use the same strategy by tracing their logic code from the files they use to execute their simulations. This lead me to search through the launch file used to start the simulation, but the two nodes I focused on only lead me to files that resembled our ros_tools folder.

Files called on from launch file

Unfortunately, this means I am still searching for the correct files to modify. I am looking at the control diagram that comes with RotorS to give me further insight to where it might be. Once I find the folder that contains their logic, I will modify the CMakelists file to recognize our quadcopter logic file and modify/create an executable to be used.

RotorS Framework