Update: Ean 2018-11-30

Last week I noted that I should be able to create my own executable node that publishes commands to the motor_speeds topic handled by Gazebo. My plan this week was to make changes to the proper CMakelists and package files and create an executable node that publishes the “PropellerSpeedsFromThrust” values from our QuadcopterLogic.cpp file to said topic . I have made changes to the appropriate CMakelists and package files to import our logic folder, and I have started creating an executable node using the examples provided in the RotorS file system.

Section of Focus in QuadcopterLogic

The challenge for me moving forward is creating a c++ file that properly imports the value I want from QuadcopterLogic and publishes it to the topic.  Once I successfully create the file, I will work towards implementing our state estimator.