Update: Ean 2018-12-30

Last update I discussed how my node needed to be modified to include a mocap and telemetry publisher in order for the entire system to work, and I believed I was close to achieving my goal of integrating our logic with RotorS/Gazebo. This week I was able to complete the C++ class I enrolled in on edx, and finish my node with sections that publish to mocap, telemetry, and the ROS topic for Gazebo. The code successfully compiled, but to my disappointment  the node still did not work.

Previously I was starting the entire system (i.e. Gazebo, Gazebo models, RotorS plugins, and my node) through a launch file, so I could only see an error message explaining that the process has died. To get to the root of the problem, I ran my node separately from the rest of the system and found that I was getting a “segmentation fault”.  I tried commenting out different parts of my code to the point where I only had an empty main function to find where the issues occur. There are several sections that are causing the error and it appears to be linked to a pointer (->) issue.

I will need to find a way to debug the code through eclipse to see how the code is behaving from each line to fix this issue.