Prospective students

UC Berkeley undergraduates

We strive to offer a number of opportunities for undergraduate research, during the semesters and during the summer. However, interested students must be willing to commit to a substantial workload: at least 10 hours per week during the semester, and more during the summer.

If interested: have a look at the projects we work on, and think about how their skill sets could contribute in addition to the skills that they hope to learn. Specifically, be sure to tell us what makes you a great candidate. Maybe you are a great coder, great mechanical designer, able to analyze complex data, able to model and simulate complex multi-body physics, able to solder complex circuits, able to build amazing mechanisms, etc.

Undergraduate projects are typically done in close collaboration with current PhD students, so interested candidates are encouraged to informally discuss availability of projects with our graduate students (see here).

It is recommended that students take ME136 before doing a research project in the group, but this is not a hard requirement.

Excellent students may also come to Prof. Mueller’s office hours to discuss. When coming, please have all the above ready (i.e. bring a resume, and be ready to tell me about the above).

External students

External students seeking general admission advice are encouraged to first read the university’s relevant information.

Excellent students wishing to join the group as visitors are encouraged to contact Prof. Mueller directly, with a summary of interest and an up-to-date resume. Please be sure to indicate the duration that you will be available, and any relevant information/constraints. Emails that appear to be copy-pasted with no obvious relevance to our group will in general go unanswered.